May | My Father Edward

On April 25th, our world was turned upside down. Actual no, wait. It was April 19th when we got the call that he tested positive for COVID 19… Wait what? I felt like I was punched in the gut. Winded. This can’t be. No please God, this can’t be.

Deep down who were we kidding. I knew this was a death sentence, a death sentence which had just been handed to THE absolute kindness, sweetest, most loving man I had ever met.

A small voice in my head was trying so hard to be my usual ½ glass full, optimistic self, but deep down I knew…I knew his days, our days were numbered. This was the worst situation to be in, a loved one who was gravely ill and alone. No, please God, no.

The numerous daily calls my poor mother would make were torturous. Trying to reach someone, anyone who could give us an update, as small as it would be;

“He’s ok, he still has fever, he ate, he’s breathing well”. No. Clearly, he wasn’t.

Thousands of other seniors around the world have also passed away, having fought the same hopeless battle, alone when they needed us the most. Our government isolated us from this vulnerable generation to “protect them” yet, the end result remains the same. Why God, why?

I send strength to everyone out there affected by this horrible Virus. It exists & its ruthless so please, continue to take your precautions. Tell those you love that you love them 100 times a day! Cherish every moment and try to never lose the faith, even on the darkest days.

#Peppi, my everything. #jetelove x infinity xo



  • As a cousin but primarily my elder brother, I shared with Eddy a very close relationship by being neighbours first and later my mentor. He was always my inspiration and I will miss his devine smile and coolness without ever loosing his temper but using his wisdom and good sense to tackle any problem. His memory will eternally remain in our hearts and we pray for him to find peace in a heavenly kingdom without any pain or sorrow. To his amazing and devoted Margo as well as all the children, we can only wish to each and everyone our deepest sympathies and may God confort you with his grace and goodness.

    Farid Rabbat
  • Sweet Natty girl! My thoughts are with you and the family these days dear. I can’t even imagine how hard and frustrating it must be to lose someone so dear to you to a virus that introduced itself a mere 3 months ago in such a horrible way. I wish you and yours all the strength needed in these difficult times. Big hugs all around. xxh

  • Beautiful poignant heartfelt eloquent, well said, Nathalie!

    Suzie Chelico
  • Nathalie I am so sorry for you and your family. I have no words to explain how I feel. Sad, frustrated, pissed-off. Je te love Nathalie. xx

    Louise Lamarche
  • I was so saddened to hear of your loss. May your father Rest In Peace and May his memory be eternal. May God give you and your family the strength, patience and guidance you need to help you with your loss 💐


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