May | My Father Edward

On April 25th, our world was turned upside down. Actual no, wait. It was April 19th when we got the call that he tested positive for COVID 19… Wait what? I felt like I was punched in the gut. Winded. This can’t be. No please God, this can’t be.

Deep down who were we kidding. I knew this was a death sentence, a death sentence which had just been handed to THE absolute kindness, sweetest, most loving man I had ever met.

A small voice in my head was trying so hard to be my usual ½ glass full, optimistic self, but deep down I knew…I knew his days, our days were numbered. This was the worst situation to be in, a loved one who was gravely ill and alone. No, please God, no.

The numerous daily calls my poor mother would make were torturous. Trying to reach someone, anyone who could give us an update, as small as it would be;

“He’s ok, he still has fever, he ate, he’s breathing well”. No. Clearly, he wasn’t.

Thousands of other seniors around the world have also passed away, having fought the same hopeless battle, alone when they needed us the most. Our government isolated us from this vulnerable generation to “protect them” yet, the end result remains the same. Why God, why?

I send strength to everyone out there affected by this horrible Virus. It exists & its ruthless so please, continue to take your precautions. Tell those you love that you love them 100 times a day! Cherish every moment and try to never lose the faith, even on the darkest days.

#Peppi, my everything. #jetelove x infinity xo



  • From your lips to the gates of heaven, and Eddy.

    Alex Chelico
  • I feel your pain, what happened to your dad and my mom is awful , they where supposed to be protected from the world instead the elderly are in the worse situation right now with no family and dying all alone , that pain will stay with me for a long time ! How does anyone have closure this way ! May they both Rest In Peace 🕊🕊

    Cristina Pendino
  • Quel beau témoignage Nathalie! Je t’aime,maman xxx


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