October | Breast Cancer Awareness

 According to the Canadian Cancer Society, it is estimated that 28 600 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This represents 25% of all new cancer cases in women in 2022.

     In honor of breast cancer awareness month, JETELOVE chose to honour each and everyone of you that is fighting , or who has fought this battle. Whether you are just starting treatment, have just completed it or are  in remission, please know, we see you, you are not alone. 

    This is a tribute to you, to you and to all of those women who have received a diagnosis of breast cancer. To all of you who still have children and parents to care for. To you who sometimes needs to scrape yourself out of bed every day to go to work. To you, who rarely puts your own wellbeing above that of others. This is a tribute to you. Sisters, mothers, daughters, partners and friends.  You are, without a doubt, true warriors. Please know, we see you, you are not alone.

     For all of you that have had to hold it together, even though on some days, you were hanging by a thread, please know, we see you, you are not alone. 

    This is a tribute to my late grandmother Mathilde, my aunts Antoinette & Norma, my friends; Lori, Franca & Dora.
    #Onvouslove. We will never forget you and will never stop rooting for you.

    JETELOVE will be donating 2$ of each sale in the month of October to the Canadian Cancer Society.

To make a donation please visit  www.cancer.ca

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