March | Sabrina Guarascio

Meet Sabrina Guarascio

JETELOVE has chosen to feature this powerhouse as our Montrealer of the month.  The month of March, which represents strong work ethic and determination. 

Since her beloved father Luigi died a few years back, Sabrina and her bother Luca took over the family business Zinman’s butcher shop in little italy and they’ve never looked back. 

Since they were born, Zinman was a huge part of their lives.

Sabrina began working there part time in the summer when she was around 13 years old. A few years before their father fell ill, he had passed the torch on to his beloved daughter who took over the role as President. Now 40, this beautiful mother of two not only oversees the day to day but takes care of accounting, special orders and of course customer service. 

From the moment you meet Sabrina, you are drawn to her great energy and drive. Everyone seems to know her around town and the respect that transpires for her and her family is evident. When asked about her passion, Sabrina beams with pride at how far the Zinman brand has come thanks to her family’s hard work and a vision. She’s a go getter who adores the city she lives in. She hinted that big things are coming in the near future for Zinman.

Here’s a little history on Luigi Guarascio the man behind Zinman, who they feel they owe so much to.

When Luigi was only 8 yrs old, growing up in southern Italy, his parents pulled him out of school and had him tend to 30 sheep in the mountains.  He immigrated to Canada where he got a job at a local butcher shop. He took pride in his work and thrived at his job. So much so, that when a business acquaintance was selling his business in the 70’s , he sold it to him, someone who shared his passion.

They now count about 30 full time loyal and dedicated employees , some of them who’ve worked there as early on as when Luigi started there himself.

Zinman is undoubtedly one of Montreal’s treasure’s, in business for several decades, with the quality of products they offer setting them apart from all other competitors.

It’s customers continue to show their loyalty towards this family owned business making it Montreal’s #1 butcher shop


Zinman is open 6 days week, from Monday to Saturday

7010 Saint-Dominique, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3B7

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  • I had the pleasure of working with Sabrina many years ago. Not only was she smart and ambitious, she was kind and has a beautiful soul!

    Nancy Weiner

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