June | Tonina Baratta


When you interact with Tonina, you are immediately drawn to her overflowing positive energy. This bubbly beauty has worked in the hotel/ hospitality industry for the past 14 years.

She’s always loved reaching out and connecting with people so a while ago, she created a brand for herself called Diary of a Curvy Girl.  She mentioned having fluctuating weight over the years but still never stopped loving herself, even at her heaviest. That’s the message she wants to convey;  No matter what, never stop loving yourself and embrace the journey you’re on.

Tonina has thousands of followers on social media, providing them with a daily glimpse into her life. She refers to herself as a “Body Positivity Activist”. She keeps it light but real, talking about things that not only women but men can also relate to; self- acceptance, body image, self- esteem, infertility, mental & physical health to name just a few. She’s a self- confessed shopaholic, especially now during quarantine and shares her finds with her public. Le Chateau & DEX PLUS clothing have named her as their brand ambassador.

I came across Tonina’s Instagram profile almost by accident and was immediately drawn to her great energy and spirit. I wanted more. I’d watch glimpses of her completing her daily workouts, her stories about her beloved dog Romeo and her TIK TOK videos. Always feeling the lightheartedness she projects. She made a difference in my “quarantine days” as I’m sure she does in thousands of others.

Not only does Tonina beam when talking about her husband Flavio, she almost has the same reaction when talking about her love for animals. Her future goals include opening up an animal sanctuary, becoming the General Manager of a hotel and becoming a mom. Her main struggle in life has been her infertility journey which she speaks openly about to her followers.

I asked her what words she lives by. She bursted out laughing saying it’s “ LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE” as cliché as it sounds. She says that quarantine has definitely changed her. It has allowed her to reconnect with herself and improve her health, both mental & physical. She emphasizes that what keeps her generally calm during this pandemic is to remind herself to let go of things she can’t control.

Keep shinning Tonina , the world needs your light. #montrealtelove

You can follow her @diaryofacurvygirl_

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