June | Katia Piccolino

Meet Katia Piccolino

Director of Sales & Marketing overseeing PR & Sponsorship / partnerships for the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, one of the best and most luxurious hotel chains in the world.

This undeniable witty fire-cracker started  her career off working in show business at the age of 17. She interned for the famed Donald K Donald concert promoting firm & quickly climbed the ladder becoming Director of Promotions for Gillette Entertainment Group,  known as today's Evenko, having worked closely with the best in the entertainment business .

Katia quickly spread her wings making her mark in the world of fashion having worked as PR Director & Brand Ambassador for Lady Dutch. She then opened her own PR agency where she dabbled with many luxury and lifestyle clients including the Ritz-Carlton Montreal that has now become her home away from home.

This seasoned events guru combined her passion for PR , stellar reputation and ability to create opportunities into a coveted luxury hotel position. A natural people-person, she is the perfect mix of beauty & brains . Her strength is in her ability to connect people together & create partnerships & curate unique collaborations with many luxury brands & companies. 

Today she spearheads  some incredible projects including the much anticipated Grand Prix Ritz Party as well as multitasks the other 50 projects & concepts happening simultaneously!  Her love for her family is undeniable. This busy mother of 2 always makes quality time for her daughter Rosalie (16) and son Giovanni (13).

Katia is a woman of integrity & passion. She wears her heart on her sleeve & also dedicates her time to lend her knowledge & network on many boards , charities & fundraisers . Dedicated & charismatic ,  her energy is magnetic. This Montreal native exudes personality and passion, leaving a lasting impression to all those who meet hermaking her the perfect fit for JETELOVE’s Montrealer of the month. 

Katia has played a key role from JETELOVE’s inception almost 4 years ago,  having believed in the brand and making the Ritz Carlton our very first corporate customer.  

Her vibrancy and grace no doubt contributes to her many successes . She is know as “Katia from the Ritz” and believe us when we say that one simple telephone call or text message  from her makes things move, although sh will deny that !

JETELOVE has literally courted Katia for the past 3&1/2 years to be our Montrealer of the month since she epitomizes all that this beautiful city has to offer.  She had turned us down until now mainly because she loathes being in the spotlight despite her very public persona. She is grounded and very humble and prefers being the force behind the scenes making others shine before her .

We asked Katia to tell us about what she has leaned on this exciting journey .  

What inspires you on the day to day?
“I feel inspired when I think outside the box and come up with ideas that others may not have thought of.  It requires hard work and dedication.  You need to put yourself in situations where your mind is open to new ideas . “

 What advice would you give for someone who would want to follow in your career path?

“I’ve had a very dynamic career path that led me to grow a vast network & nurture relationships in entertainment , fashion & hospitality . The key is to be open to all opportunities big or small and pitch yourself & show your strengths no matter what your working on . When people see you have drive & passion , doors open . You need to stay focused and honest .” 

What has been your number one lesson leaned  up to this point in your career? “Integrity is everything in anything you do . Being honest in any situation , speaking from the heart , showing empathy & having boundaries will guide you to right decisions .”

With all of the events that you host in a year, how do you manage to make things  seem so effortless? “That’s where my “quiet luxury state of mind” kicks in . Less is more and trust me , I lose it many times but don’t show it . You need to just get it done .”

Despite your numerous successes, you choose to remain very humble and very private. How do you balance being such a public figure and yet so private all at once? 

“As you get older, life  humbles you and your not chasing what seemed important when you were younger . Time & simplicity is the biggest luxury and spending quality time with my closest few is priceless  . My kids are my biggest success . There is no such thing as balance for me . You just show up for all that feels right and for those who love you unconditionally , no matter how busy life gets .”

What do you consider as the main challenge that you face with the role that you play on the day to day?

“Main challenge is to shut my mind off . I am at 100 miles an hour no matter what I do . I need to learn how to slow down and not have that sense of urgency in all I do.”

Who inspires you?

“My sister and my mom are my biggest inspirations . My mom has been my cheerleader all my life & raised us to be independent & strong. My sister is my everything and although we are 11 years apart, her work ethic & passion to succeed made her my role model all my life.”

 Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I see myself maybe running at 50km an hour and being in a position to pick and choose projects and taking on more philanthropy.”  

Would you ever consider  hosting workshops or a mentorship program to showcase the numerous steps to the hospitality industry and steps in event planning?

“Absolutely . I’m not copy paste and very unconventional . I think  many would resonate with that approach.” 

The love you have for your native city of Montreal is apparent the minute one meets you. What does Montreal mean to you ? 

“Hospitality has made me see Montreal in a different perspective . We are Europe without the jet lag . What we take for granted , many all over the world envy . Montréal is a city rich in culture & beauty that makes of a coveted luxury destination.” 

Thank you Katia for your hard work,  your drive, your passion and your dedication. this city is lucky to have you.

Keep shining bright. #ontelove 

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