January | Giuliano Ficara

Meet Giuliano Ficara, Founder of For All Human Kind United, a clothing brand that is all about giving back.

Giuliano founded this company in February of 2022 with a unique goal to spread kindness, create change, with a mission to help others. His mantra : “Spread Love, Not Hate”.

 Over the years, For All Human Kind United has helped over 20 different charities with a primary focus is to help children, assist single parents and feed the needy.

These charities include:

  • Chez Doris
  • Regroupement Partagé (Opération Sac à Dos)
  • Suicide Prevention Center of Montreal
  • Fed 175 families meals for the holidays 
  • Fed the homeless a hot meal 
  • La Fondation Du Centre de Jeunesse de Laval
  • Strike Out Cancer Fund
  • Youth Stars Foundation 
  • Project 10 Montreal
  • Helped a family that escaped the war in the Ukraine  

Giuliano was propelled to start this amazing initiative to give back to his community while working in the retail industry years ago. He came across the company named TOMS shoes. Their initiative was to offer a free pair of shoes to children in Africa with every pair of shoes they sold. Giuliano found this extremely inspiring and wanted to build on that idea. He single-handedly launched For All Human Kind United, which offers apparel for both men and women, consisting of T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies, and caps primarily made in Canada. He donates proceeds to numerous charity organizations throughout the city.

 We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Giuliano for a candid conversation.

 JETELOVE asked this young father of two; “What three words best describe For All Human Kind United? “ Giuliano replied; “ kindness, change, and integrity.”

 We asked Giuliano what inspires him? He said he would love to create a legacy and is working towards starting his own foundation in 2024.

 JETELOVE asked; “What motivates you on the day to day?”. He replied ; “Helping others. I know that this will grow on a wider scale and I need to keep going to bring this to another level and continue to help people.”

 We asked; “ Out of all of the charities that you have worked with, which was the most humbling experience?” He says: “It was definitely working with foster kids. In December of 2022, we invited a former Montreal Impact soccer player; Rocco Placentino to take part in this initiative. We had a slew of activities planned for the kids, offering them soccer balls, soccer jerseys, we organized soccer games, offered art activities followed by lunch. The look on the kids faces I will never forget. The feeling of giving back and bringing them joy, even if it was short-lived, was something that truly affected me.”

This past December, For All Human Kind United collaborated with « La Fondation du Centre de Jeunesse » in Laval. They donated over 330 toys to children in need.

 JETELOVE asked; “ Where do you see FAHKU in the next five years?” He replied; “Being THE main platform in Montreal for giving back.”

 Giuliano is determined to keep going. We asked him how people can reach him in order to donate, or explore the possibility of working together with one of their charity initiatives. He said the best way to reach him is to message him on Instagram @fahk.united

 Thank you Giuliano for all of your hard work and dedication. We look forward to watching your growth and wish you continued success. You are inspiring.


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