February | Women of Hope


 I recently had the pleasure to sit down with a dynamic group of devoted philanthropists who, for the past 13 years have made it their mission to raise funds for Cancer research.

Meet Domenica Venetico, Yolanda Matowski Di Schiavi, Patrizia Marsillo and Jennifer Giambattista members of Women of Hope’s Executive Committee. They each come from all walks of life and interestingly enough, contrary to what one would assume, none is a cancer survivor and they do not only raise money for women’s cancers.

Their President Domenica explained that years ago, she was going through a difficult time personally and decided that she wanted to change her mindset and give back to help those who are worst off then she is.  One summer night at a BBQ, she casually mentioned the idea of creating a group to help raise funds for cancer research since a close friend of hers Grazia Poliseno was battling stage 4 cancer. Everyone jumped on board and Women of Hope was born.  Sadly, in July 2011 at the young age of 45, Grazia lost her courageous and lengthy battle.  Her spirit definitely lives on in these women and motivates them to keep going.

Up to date, Women of Hope has raised over 500 000$ with their main annual fundraising initiative usually taking place in February in the form of a gala. The funds raised have been used for things including renovating a common area at La Maison Cantin, providing a safe space where people living with cancer  go for respite during treatment.

When asked what inspires them, they mention; all cancer survivors, each other, and their families. They voiced feeling the despair of cancer patients not getting their treatments due to Covid restrictions and vow to keep going.

This year, they need to re-invent their fundraising initiatives and go viral through a social media campaign to reach their goal. Please consider donating to this extremely important cause. You can donate at www.womenofhope.ca

JETELOVE is a huge supporter of giving back. We have partnered up with this wonderful organization and will donate 2$ of each JETELOVE item sold to the Women of Hope for the entire month of February. Please give generously.

Thank you ladies, keep shinning bright.


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