December | Nick DeSantis

Each month, JETELOVE will feature a Montrealer who has impacted (no pun intended, keep reading you’ll see why) our city.

December is all about perseverance and passion, who better to represent than Nick DeSantis.


The former professional soccer player who most recently acted as the Montreal Impact’s Vice-President of International Business and Technical Development has served the soccer club for the past 26 years. Yup, you read right. TWENTY SIX YEARS. If that’s not loyalty, I don’t know what is.


From player to coach to Sporting Director to VP, not too shabby Mr DeSantis.

Over the years, he was approached with several interesting opportunities which entailed him relocating with his wife and kids to another city. He refused.

This Montrealer couldn’t imagine leaving the city he loves, the city which has been so welcoming to him no matter what hat he wore.

The city who acknowledges his passion and loyalty throughout the years.

Love him or hate him, he’s the real deal.


In his spare time you can find him in Montreal’s Little Italy at his favorite coffee spot or coaching his kids soccer teams.


Thanks Nick for your passion, your dedication and your drive



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