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Think back to what you were doing one month ago today. Was it working out at the gym with some of your favorite peeps? Was it stopping for a coffee on your way to work? Was it dropping your kids off at daycare/school or meeting a friend for drinks?

One month ago.

Yup, all seemed “normal”. Chances are, we were hustling and bustling and most likely maybe even complaining from time to time about being “too busy” and not having enough time.

Time. For some of us, that’s all we seem to have these days.

In the ideal world, this would be the perfect time to pretty much do things that we never could get around to before. Time to clean out your closet, workout, spend time with your family and basically, to re-connect. For others, this is not their reality. THEY chose to be our heroes.

Our doctors and nurses, our pharmacists, police officers, firemen, first responders, social workers, cooks, our therapists, grocery store clerks, cashiers, mailman, janitors and the list goes on. THEY chose to get up every day and step up, exposing themselves to COVID-19 despite the dangers associated with this terrible virus to keep us safe. 

This month, we thought it would be fitting to acknowledge you, us, them and show our gratitude for all that’s being done daily. Hopefully, the next time we choose to complain about how “bored” we are at home or how “our kids are driving us nuts”, we will stop and think of all of these heroes who would undoubtedly trade places with us in an instant.

Amidst all of the chaos, let’s stay focussed, stay optimistic, stay safe and oh yeah… stay home.

Ça va bien aller! Tutto andrà bene. All will be ok.

Sending you all a HUGE, virtual, much needed hug.

Nathalie xo



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