Official Launch of JETELOVE

For the past many years I’ve been inspired to start my own business, a creative one of course but nothing ever came to fruition. I’m an extrovert you see, a people person that gets off on good energy, keeping it light and surrounding myself with “glass ½ full kinda people”. I’ve gone from launching a greeting card collection to flipping houses! You get the point. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a utopian society, shit happens and you learn to adapt to the situation and deal with it. Losing a loved one, not loving your job, financial stress, family issues, mental health issues, raising a family, ageing parents and the list goes on.


We all have stuff to complain about don’t get me wrong. We question, what it is we want in life? Is it to be financially secure? Is it being in a relationship? Is it losing 10 pounds, having a ½ hour to ourselves every day to workout, meditate or enjoy the moment? To simply enjoy the moment. I decided to do just that. To keep it light in a sometimes dark world, to create something that reminds people that it’s ok, to smile, to laugh and most importantly to love.


JETELOVE isn’t a “project”, it didn’t have a business plan, there was no epiphany, no vision, no marketing plan or budget for that matter, it was just a simple, innocent and sweet notion that came from a kid. It made me laugh, he makes me laugh, I love him, he loves me and that was my son Max’s way of expressing his love. It started off as our inside joke and has now grown into a love movement, our love movement, with each other and the awesome bilingual city we live in.


JETELOVE represents so many things for so many people but one thing’s for sure, it makes people smile. They want to know more. So let’s take the time, to love more, to feel more & to simply spread the love.


Feel it, live it, spread it & love it.


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