Happy 2020!!

Happy New Year all ! In addition to happiness I want to start by wishing you health, without it, you’ve got nothin’


Happy & Healthy

I remember being around 12 and asking my dad what he wanted for Christmas. His answer had me rolling my eyes. He said; “ I want you all to be happy and healthy”. I was 12 and didn’t want happy and I didn’t yet grasp what he meant when referring to health.

Things have certainly changed since then.

I am truly thankful for the health that I have and now understand that there are things in my control which I can do to achieve better health; both mental and physical.


Putting ourselves first

This is a constant struggle for me. Wanting to listen, to help, to fix and often, this is to my own detriment. I end up feeling more anxious and both physically and mentally drained. Don’t get me wrong, its ok to listen, to be empathetic and want to help but at some point, we need to listen to what our mind and body is telling us. This past year, I have found myself telling close friends that I feel like “I have nothing left to give”.

Nadda, zilcho, niente, rien.


At first, admitting that seemed like a sign of weakness. Verbalizing that was scary because I felt like I was no longer in control. The pillar was on the verge of collapse. I then realized that it’s ok. Its ok to know when it’s enough, it’s ok to feel like you’re about to lose it and ask for help and its ok to choose where you put your energy and where you draw the line.


This year my friends, I will do my best to focus on what matters most and what inspires me. Inspires me to be a better person, to invest more of my time and energy in things that ignite that spark within me and to appreciate more. More moments, more experiences and focus on what really matters.


I wish you all a year ahead that embraces all that you are and all that you long for. It’s up for grabs ladies & gents so let’s go ahead and grab that bull by the horns and see where it takes us and let’s not forget to enjoy the ride, as bumpy as it may be!


Nathalie xo

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