September | Sabrina Ferlisi

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”-Pablo Picasso

With back to school around the corner, JETELOVE chose a dynamic & inspiring young teacher as our Montrealer of the Month.

Meet Sabrina Ferlisi, a 26 year old Concordia graduate who has recently taught grade 7 for students with learning disabilities at Vanguard school here in Montreal.  

Sabrina is the youngest of 2 siblings, having grown up in Laval.  She is driven, has great energy and knows how to captivate her students while challenging them & while keeping it fun.

Her passion for teaching began when she was little when as far as she could remember, she would role play with her cousins and was always “the teacher”.        

We asked her what inspires her? She says; “It’s people who aren’t afraid to take risks and speak up for what’s right”.

Her biggest challenge in teaching so far has been catering to all students needs simultaneously, especially in larger groups. Smaller class sizes would be really beneficial to provide students with the attention that they require.  She also acknowledged there being a huge need for technology in the classrooms, especially in public schools. Basic computer knowledge is a must, especially in these trying times where students are learning remotely.

Sabrina’s advice for anyone contemplating going into teaching is to ensure

one maintains a healthy balance between work and family life, since teaching is a profession that is far from being a 9 to 5 job. Also, equally important is to maintain a high level of organization from the get- go.

We asked where she sees herself 10 years from now?

She hopes to have a stable job with good work/ life balance. She wishes to stay in education but not necessarily in the classroom. She envisions herself training teachers to use technology and creating material for them to use in the classroom.

With this pandemic, how has she modified her teaching format?

Lots if not all is being done online. She is always making sure that students have access to additional resources which will help them to become more autonomous in their learning.

We asked what advice she has for students going back to school this week ?

She recommends that students do their work once they get it and be sure to adjust their expectations. She emphasizes the importance of not comparing oneself to others since we are all living different situations at the moment.  Some are fortunate enough to have parents at home to help them while others do not. Be flexible and don’t be too hard on yourself. Ask for help. Follow the guidelines, stay safe and feel free to speak to someone if you see that you are having a hard time or feel anxious but don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Sabrina also offers tutoring services all year’round. Needless to say, she is extremely sought after, so contact her now to see if you’ll be lucky enough to hire this gem as your virtual tutor.




Merci Sabrina. Keep shining, the world needs your guidance and light now more than ever.



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