November | Giordano Mazzaferro

This 15 year old creative sensation is starting to make quite the name for himself in our fair city.

Always Interested in art and fashion, he decided to further explore his talent when doing an art project at school last year. He decorated a denim jacket and received praise by both his teacher and his peers. He then went on to design a few jackets for friends of the family. They.are.amazing

I met up with Giordano this past summer and we immediately hit it off. His artistic eye, his calm demeanour and creative ideas led to a partnership opportunity which JETELOVE couldn’t pass up.

Fast forward to a few months later, Giordano has created numerous branded JETELOVE denim jackets, each unique and beautIful.  He says what he loves the most about JETELOVE is "that their pieces from all collections are simple yet bold. It is a very good brand because they are spreading positivity in a time of difficulty and uncertainty."They are presently being sold at Salon Deauville on Jean Talon in Montreal or you can place your custom order online at

We asked Giordano who his fashion inspiration is he replied : “it’s hard to say because I see videos and pictures of many different icons and then I take them into my own consideration to then see what I like and dislike. I try and compare my outfits and likes with what I see on different models and influencers and how they dress and come up with ideas on how to create a nice outfit. He says that the person which inspires him the most in his life is his mom because even though she may not agree on what he wears or how he dresses, she always supports him for whatever he may want to do or what he wants to wear. Whenever she has any question about what she wants to wear, she always comes to him to see if he likes it or not.

When asked what he aspires to have as a profession later on in life he says “Architecture. I would like to pursue architecture or interior design because to me, it isn’t a job. It’s an interest that I would love to pursue. I always comment on whatever I see outside on how a building looks or how a room is designed.” 

His advice to the younger generation with creative minds is; “ Always pursue your dreams and make sure that your artwork is bold in its own way, because you never know who may see it.”

 We look forward to continuing our joint venture and can’t wait to see where Giordano’s talents will bring him in the future !

Giordano’s creations are presently for sale on our website at or  for a limited time at Salon Deauville located at 4048 rue Jean Talon west in Montreal. Come take a look! 

Thank you Giordano, #montrealtelove 

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